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  • A pure, cleaner world with
    activated carbon blue.


Our Process.

We achieve pure activated carbon in our steam thermolysis vessel, where we heat the carbon to over 600 degrees Celsius by an indirect heat carrier media which equally has the effect of grinding our carbon blue into a fine powder.


Our high adsorption activated carbon is best suited for:

  • decolorization of waste and drinking water
  • dioxin and hydrogen sulfide removal from flue gas stream
  • clearing and deodorization of oils and fats
  • automotive emission control
  • pharmaceuticals - cleaning solutions for medicines
  • removal of hazardous substances and pharmaceuticals in wastewater
  • food and beverages industry - improvement of taste and removal of coloring and odor
  • soil improvement
  • animal feed additive
  • municipal waste water treatment
  • mercury removal from exhaust gas
  • adsorption of heavy metals and organic compounds

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